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Hungry for Environmental Planning Knowledge?

Nickpoint is excited to offer a selection of environmental lunch and learn seminars. People in your organization involved with environmental planning are invited to join us for a free lunch and learn seminar.

How it works:

We bring Lunch | Your office | You pick the topic

Who should attend?

Anyone in your organization that is involved in environmental planning should attend.

Invite people from:

  • Land
  • Completions
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Environment
  • Planning
  • Surveying

Choose from the following topics or let us customize your seminar

  • Working around Water Bodies

    Is that low area a Wetland? Getting permits for areas near water bodies can be tricky. Let our experts explain the regulations and what to look out for. Among other things, you will learn the best way to identify wetlands and how to calculate setbacks so you get your approvals.

  • IOGC Environmental Assessments and Audits

    Is your development on First Nation lands? The process for obtaining approvals on First Nation land is unique. Learn about best practices and how to avoid mistakes that delay approvals. Let our experts describe the processes required to meet current regulatory requirements.

  • Species at Risk

    Look, is that a Western Spiderwort? Developments near species at risk habitat can be tricky. Is your proposed project in or near the habitat of one of Alberta’s many species at risk? Nickpoint’s team will explain how to time and site your project to avoid delays or rejection.

  • Enhanced Approval Process (EAP)

    Seeking approval can be challenging. You will learn about the Enhanced Approval Process (EAP). Discover the latest changes to the legislation, and gain insights on methods to avoid application processing delays. Nickpoint’s experts will clarify an otherwise murky process.

  • Directive 56 compliance

    Gain new insights into the most misunderstood aspects of environmental D56 compliance. Learn how to avoid the dreaded D56 non-compliance. Nickpoint’s experts will describe best environmental practices and how to get your approvals.

  • Working in Special Areas

    Is your area special? Learn about Alberta’s Special Areas and the most commonly misunderstood regulations. Nickpoint’s environmental team will explain how development requirements differ in Special Areas.

  • General Environmental Regulations Presentation

    Is regulatory overload getting you down? Learn about the regulatory requirements for your leases or operating areas. Nickpoint’s experts will describe regulations, best practices, and common problems and solutions for these areas.

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