Detailed Site Assessments

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Oil and gas companies seeking a Reclamation Certificate for their development require a Detailed Site Assessment (DSA) as a final step in the process of their application. Nickpoint offers thorough and efficient DSAs to move you forward with Reclamation Certificates. Nickpoint assesses the criteria defined by Alberta Environment (AENV) including: landscape, soil quality, soil quantity, soil profile, erosion, drainage, vegetative health, weed species and production capability parameters. Nickpoint is best suited to guide you through these assessments because of our expertise in Reclamation Certificates. We understand the requirements needed to move your project forward quickly.

  • Process

    Prior to a field assessment, Nickpoint will contact landowners and obtain permission to access their land, arrange for any necessary permits, time the assessment appropriately to assess vegetative parameters and execute the assessment in a timely and efficient manner. Once information is collected, Nickpoint will complete a detailed report and include a Professional Declaration and Sign Off.

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