Enhanced Approval Process (EAP)

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All companies pursuing upstream oil and gas activities on Alberta’s public lands are required to have an EAP completed. EAPs cover oil and gas developments excluding mineable and in-situ oil sands developments. Regulated by the Public Lands Act and administered by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development(ASRD), EAPs are necessary when planning a project on Crown land in order to obtain:

  • Mineral Surface Leases (MSLs)
  • License of Occupation (LOCs)
  • Pipeline Installation Leases (PILs)
  • Pipeline Agreements (PLAs)


Nickpoint has completed numerous applications since the inception of the program. As experts in this process, we offer you the resources you need to complete EAPs as quickly as possible.


Nickpoint will guide you through this complicated process and will complete your thorough and defensible standard applications for quick approval. If you do not meet the requirements of the ASRD, Nickpoint will complete a non-standard application for you, suggesting mitigations to minimize your environmental impact.


Nickpoint is able to complete the EAP process year round in a timely and efficient manner, as soon as project plans are visualized.

  • Process

    Nickpoint will conduct a field assessment to identify environmental concerns. The project plans are then loaded onto a government website and a Landscape Analysis Tool (LAT) report is generated. The LAT report gives information from the government database about restrictions and sensitivities in the area and provides a list of standards and conditions that should be followed for the project.

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