IOGC Environmental Assessments

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All development on federal land is managed by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). If development happens to be on First Nations land, the Indian Oil and Gas Canada agency (IOGC) becomes the responsible authority to review the assessment. An expertly conducted environmental assessment is a requirement for development on First Nations land. Nickpoint is a veteran in First Nations environmental work and will provide you with environmental assessments in a timely and efficient manner. Nickpoint works hard to maintain great relationships with regulatory bodies such as the IOGC.

  • Process

    Nickpoint conducts a thorough field assessment including:

    - A soil survey
    - A plant community study
    - A wildlife assessment
    - Identification of potential environmental sensitivities and concerns

    A professional and comprehensive environmental assessment report is compiled, including all relevant geophysical, biological and hydrological data, along with an expert analysis of all other potential impacts on First Nations’ communities and lands due to proposed developments.

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