Phase I, II, III Environmental Site Assessments

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Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are essential for determining the environmental condition and possible contamination of a property. Nickpoint expertly conducts Phase I, II, and III ESAs, year round, ensuring that all documentation is completed and guidance is available for you to move forward with your projects.

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

    Phase I ESAs are recommended prior to the purchase of a property that could potentially be contaminated. Upstream oil and gas operators also use Phase I ESAs as a screening tool to provide satisfactory evidence to regulators, surface landowners and stakeholders that contamination is not evident on the property. These ESAs are also required documentation for Reclamation Certificate applications.

    Specifically, Phase I ESAs determine the following:
    - The presence and nature of contaminants
    - The spatial distribution in the air, soil and water within the property
    - The risk of exposure to these contaminants
    - The mitigations against these risks

  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

    A Phase II ESA is an in depth investigation to confirm the presence or absence of contamination on a property. This investigation is undertaken when potential contamination has been identified in a Phase I ESA.

    Phase II ESAs are required in the following circumstances:
    - If a Phase I ESA determines that contaminants are present
    - In place of a Phase I ESA if there is obvious contamination
    - If a Phase I ESA is inconclusive

    Nickpoint will complete a sampling and analysis program that may include:

    - Soil drilling and/or test pitting.
    - Geophysical analysis.
    - Surface or groundwater sampling.
    - Indoor/outdoor air sampling.
    - Testing of building materials such as asbestos and lead.

    If contamination is confirmed in the analysis program, Nickpoint will make recommendations on how to handle the contamination. If contamination is found above the regulated criteria, as per Alberta Environment, the contaminants must be managed though a Phase III ESA.

  • Phase III Environmental Site Assessment

    If you require a Phase III ESA, Nickpoint’s experts will guide you through the process. A Phase III ESA consists of the full remediation and confirmatory sampling of contamination as determined by a Phase II ESA. Nickpoint also offers remediation in the form of:

    - Bio treatment.
    - Soil removal and disposal to landfill.
    - Follow up testing to prove successful treatment.

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