Pre-Disturbance Assessments

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A Pre-Disturbance Assessment (PDA), also known as a Pre-Site Assessment is completed prior to any kind of construction, to collect a variety of environmental information for the developer. PDAs ensure that pre-disturbance biophysical conditions are identified and documented and that sensitive areas are protected. Nickpoint expertly conducts PDAs to save you time and money.

A PDA identifies:

  • sensitive environmental areas
  • applicable federal and provincial regulations
  • proximity to water bodies
  • potential non-compliance issues
  • field and laboratory screening of soil and water samples
  • plant pathology investigations

Nickpoint offers a wide range of PDAs, collecting the information that is pertinent to your development project. Nickpoint can also use data collected during a PDA to create spill management plans, to plan for sediment and erosion concerns and to prepare an environmental protection plan.

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