Water Act Approvals and Assessments

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Alberta’s Water Act legislation requires all activities that affect a water body to have Water Act approval. All water resources, even those that are completely surrounded by private land are considered to be property of the Crown and as such, are regulated under the Water Act. If a project has the potential to have an affect on wetlands or water bodies, a Water Body Assessment may be required to determine environmental concerns. Non-compliance with the Water Act can be costly.


Nickpoint’s experts will guide you through this process efficiently to determine whether or not a Water Act approval or compensation will be necessary. For more information, please see Nickpoint’s Water Body Assessment Service page.

For more quick facts on the approval process please see the links below. http://environment.gov.ab.ca/info/library/8262.pdf

Link to Water Act - Click here.

Link to Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act - Click here.

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