Water Body Assessments

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You are required to do a Water Body Assessment anytime there is potential effect to a body of water or a watercourse. The regulations surrounding water bodies can be confusing. All water resources, even those completely surrounded by private land, are considered to be property of the Crown and are regulated under the Water Act. It takes environmental services professionals to help you identify the boundaries of a water body, according to Directive 56. Having a Water Body Assessment completed by Nickpoint helps you in the planning phase to avoid set backs to your project such as financial penalties for non-adherence to the Water Act.


Nickpoint has the expertise to identify the ecological boundaries of water bodies and watercourses, determine the potential impacts that may be caused by the proposed project and provide reasonable mitigations to reduce negative environmental affects.


Nickpoint is able to guide you through this process from screening to approval to determine whether or not WBA, Water Act application and compensation will be necessary. For more information, please see Nickpoint’s Water Act Approvals service.


Nickpoint conducts WBAs in a timely and professional manner. Our experience with these applications allows us to provide efficient, effective work that will get you the approvals you need when you need them.

  • Process

    Typically, if a wetland or water body will be impacted by the proposed development, regulators will determine an appropriate compensation for the loss or damage to these areas.. Nickpoint’s expertise will help you move your projects forward as quickly as possible.

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