Watercourse/Water Body Crossings
& COP Notifications

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Every watercourse or water body crossing requires strict adherence to The Code of Practice(COP). The COP is a set of objectives based on the principles of sustainable water management. Nickpoint provides information and advice to ensure that your project is in compliance with these objectives and proceeds forward efficiently.


Nickpoint’s experts have a thorough understanding of the Code of Practice. They will review the obligations and requirements of the COP and submit the required notification on your behalf.

  • Process

    Nickpoint will review your pipeline project and identify any special conditions that make a field assessment necessary. Should your crossing not require an assessment, Nickpoint will complete the necessary notifications to Alberta Environment and Fisheries and Oceans Canada Habitat Management on your behalf. A final package with notification documents and professionally stamped construction drawings will then be sent to you.

    Specifically, Nickpoint will:

    - provide technical assistance in determining the difference between creeks and ephemeral draws
    - classify watercourses according to the COP maps
    - determine minimum pipe burial depths and sagbend setbacks
    - create enhanced crossing drawings reflecting Water Act conditions and compliance information relating to pipeline installation methods, vehicle equipment crossing structures
    - and environmental concerns

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