Wellsite/Land Reclamation, Reclamation Certificate Applications

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You may require a Reclamation Certificate (RC) for a variety of reasons:

  • The termination of a surface lease for industrial activities on specified lands as defined in the Conservation and Reclamation Regulation (CRR)
  • The development of wellsites, batteries, pipeline and associated facilities, plant sites, access roads and borrow pits

Once you have completed a Phase I, II, and/or III Environmental Assessment, you can apply to Alberta Environment for an RC for private land or Alberta Sustainable Resource Development for an RC for public land. Nickpoint has the experience to guide you through these processes so your project moves forward. Our experts focus on efficiency and thoroughness. Nickpoint is thorough in all aspects of our work as it is essential that projects are decommissioned, remediated and reclaimed correctly to avoid unnecessary hassles and expenses.

  • Did You Know?

    - Under the reclamation and remediation program, industry has a 25 year liability for surface reclamation issues such as topography, vegetation, soil texture and drainage, and a lifetime liability for contamination.

    - An RC may be cancelled at any audited site or following a landowner/occupant complaint for non-compliance with the standards and guidelines set forth in the CRR.

At Nickpoint, we work to ensure that these issues are avoided and that your site remains reclaimed.

Do you need a Reclamation Certificate?
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